Earthing: Getting Grounded for Better Health

Friends recently introduced us to the investigation of Earthing.  For those of you, like myself, who have never heard of Earthing, a brief explanation is necessary.  The hypothesis is that our bodies’ electrical systems require charging. Free radicals existing in our systems are molecules missing an electron which cause aging and inflammation throughout our bodies.  If free electrons are provided, the free radicals attach an electron and eliminate the inflammation produced in our bodies. So how can electrons be supplied?

The answer proposed by Clinton Ober, Steven Sinatra and Zucker Martin in Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? is that human beings until recently spent much of their time in close contact with the ground.  They walked on it, slept on it, sat on it, and made contact with the electrons that charge the earth’s surface. These electrons migrated through the soles of the feet and the body’s surface area so that people were recharged.  Electron transfer from the Earth through the body has shown a reduction of internal organ tension and inflammation. Chronic pain, stiffness, stress, and a variety of symptoms are reduced.  Reports of Earthing experiments have been written up in several medical journals.

The hypothesis is that modern man has insulated himself and lost touch with the earth.  We spend most of our time in buildings, cars and beds which replace “grounding time” with “insulated time.”  Even our rubber and synthetic soled shoes insulate against the recharging benefits of contact with the Earth.  Reconnecting to the Earth works surprisingly quickly to reenergize fatigued bodies and reduce pain.

Enthused with a health alternative for aching joints and poor sleeping patterns, we purchased a few items from the local hardware store and set up our own experiment with Earthing.  With only a couple of nights sleeping “grounded” we experienced a more restful night’s sleep and are experiencing a new “well-being” and reduced joint pain.  Here’s our homemade “Earthing” experiment.

Using a GRT-3500 outlet tester, we discovered our outlets are not grounded (house built in 1923) which excluded an indoor system. The alternative was an outdoor ground rod system.

To ground ourselves we drove a foot long copper tube into the frozen ground under our bedroom window.  (Colorado’s weather in winter is one reason we couldn’t just run around the yard barefoot to recharge our bodies and needed an indoor alternative.)

earthing ground

We attached a 30 foot, two-wire lamp cord to the copper rod with a hose clamp and ran the cord up and through TV antenna hole in wall of our bedroom.  At the bed we split the two wire cord into single copper strands, one for each of us.  We soldered alligator clips to each of the lamp wire cords.  My husband fashioned rings from 16 gauge copper wire to fit our respective fingers. For sleeping grounded, we attached the alligator clips to the rings.earthing rings

The copper supplies the conductive highway for the electrons to travel from the ground and into our bodies.  Voila!  We are grounded and are experiencing positive health results.  Investigate this health resource straight from the Earth to you.

In the mail we received Earthing mats from that are 10″ x 27″.  These fit at the bottom of your bed and connect with the copper wires to provide all night grounding while you sleep. You could also use them as a floor mat under your feet at your office desk during the work day if you devised or bought a portable Earthing kit. I’ll update future results in our Earthing health experiment as time reveals results.


Author: Dr. Mary Ellen Schoonover

Well loved! I have been blessed all my life to be surrounded by family and friends that nurtured, supported and loved me into the person that I have become. That love has sustained me throughout whatever circumstance I have found in life. It is the greatest gift that one can give and the essential ingredient to living life with no regrets. I reached this conclusion while lying in a hospital bed on life support for 70 days. Under those circumstances I dealt with the essential ingredients of my life. What was important? Why was I alive? What did my life mean?

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