Robbie Burns Supper

My husband Dennis and I love creating special occasions.  Lately his research into genealogy revealed he was 30% Irish and 26% English, Scottish and Welsh which was enough of an excuse to dip into Scottish heritage and celebrate the birthday of the most famous of Scottish poets, Robert Burns.  His birthday falls on January 25th just one month after Christmas and in the midst of a snowy, white month that could use stirring bagpipe music and single-malt scotch to warm the landscape.


I was commissioned to address the menu which typically includes haggis while Dennis compiled the traditional order of ceremony for the celebration.  Although the name “hagws” or “hagese” was first used in England c. 1430, the dish came to be considered traditionally Scottish, even the national dish, as a result of Burns’ poem “Address to a Haggis” of 1787. Haggis, a sausage-like creation of sheep heart, liver and grains is traditionally served with ruttabega and potatoes boiled and mashed separately, and a glass of Scotch whiskey. Continue reading “Robbie Burns Supper”

How to Sign up for Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media bulletin board that allows members to explore various interests from the everyday tasks of cooking and gardening to the more exotic trends in fashion or travel. It is a goldmine of tips, techniques, and ideas for the inquisitive mind.


The process of joining Pinterest is relatively simple if you are connected to the internet and have an email address or a Facebook account.  You are five steps from enjoying the world of Pinterest.

  1.  Type into your web browser.
  2.  The sign-up page will appear and ask if you want to sign-up with your email address or your Facebook account.  Type in the address of your choice and then create a password that will allow you to access your account.
  3. Fill out the form following your password creation with your name, age and gender.
  4. Click on box at bottom of page that says, “Come on in.”  At this point Pinterest will display a number of pictures representing interests and ask that you check at least five subjects which will become your pinterest boards.  You can choose more than five.  Clicking on these topic selections will open hundreds of “pins” on the “interest” that you are pursuing.
  5. Finally, you might like to add the “Pinterest button” to your web browser so that you can pin pictures, articles or websites to your pinterest account.

Happy pinning!