Grandma’s Christmas Kits

As a grandmother I enjoy spoiling my grandchildren with activities and gifts that teach, amuse, inspire and create a fun-filled adventure.  In my quest for ideas I discovered a rich resource on Pinterest.  However, as a grandmother, I also discovered that there is a learning curve to climb in order to access and create gift kits and activities.  lip gloss kitFor those of us born before 1985 and the advent of personal computers,  I found it laughable to create a list of “how-to’s” that grandma had to learn in order to create this gift for a nine year old granddaughter.

  • how to sign up for Pinterest
  • how to search Pinterest for gifts for 9 year old girls
  • how to find recipes for lip gloss
  • how to order kit components from
  • how to make labels from mailing labels
  • how to insert graphics into a mailing label
  • how to use You Tube learning tutorials for inserting graphics into mailing labels

So to all the grandma’s out there, persevere.  To live is to learn.  Here’s to life!  Here’s to learning!  Merry Christmas.